Alphard Sound Technology was founded in 1997 From the inception of the brand, the main efforts of the company were focused on the development and introduction of the most modern technological processes of designing and manufacturing of car audio products allowing to create and to offer to the consumers high quality goods with best features in every price segment.

During short time the Alphard «blew up» the market of car audio Russia by numerous of new products, superior in quality to most competitors and took the leading position in the supplying of pro-and car audio systems and its components.
In 2015 our team has set an absolute record of Russia and Europe in SPL — 181.4 dB in the Top class of the DBDRAG association — «EXTREME». The Alphard team has over 40 competition’s cars, most of which are Champions in car audio

Championships in various classes and categories. Since 2012 our company has made an invaluable contribution to the development of car audio competitions in Russia, supporting all kinds of competition formats, and of the sportsmen participating in them.

From 2015 we got an exclusive rights to represent international format of the competitions by unlimited sound pressure of dBDrag in Russian Federation, being its General sponsor, and also became a sponsor of EMMA Global. Besides, Alphard supports, as a General partner, various of the national competition’s associations in Russia, such as AMT, RBR, SPL Show. In addition, we are partners of Emma and DBDRAG in the national Championships of Asia, Europe and the USA.

Today the assortment of Alphard products has wide range of car audio products: from budget speakers and amplifiers to the top level products, used in the car audio competitions. The mission of our company is to create perfect products that satisfy needs in the sound of everybody and everyone, regardless of possibilities and musical preferences of the consumer.

The goals and objectives of the company: — to take leading positions in Russia as well in the World in supplying of car audio and components; — to earn the trust of consumers to the brand Alphard as to the supplier of high-quality products, the best in its segment; — to deliver to the buyer a real pleasure of using the products Alphard.

Why Alphard?
— Alphard is one of the few suppliers of car audio products in Russia, having ability to instantly respond to changing market needs and adapt the range of products immediately, as well as create completely new ones, meet needs of the customers, models of speakers and components of car audio equipment! — choosing the Alphard, You get the products, developed with using of the experience of designing and of technical solutions of not only international but also of Russians engineers, helping to implement innovative solutions at the stage of designing and to make the product unique! — we always strive to improve the quality of our products, even those that have already high demand on the market, thus confirming the company’s motto — THERE IS NO LIMIT TO PERFECTION!