Deaf Bonce

Unprecedented loud car audio line from Alphard Sound Technology!

Deaf Bonce series can meet any requirements and many sportsmen can confirm it by winning at competitions with this equipment!

Many of components-are the unique trends in car audio, which were developed by best experts, and World's Champions of the Unlimited Sound pressure!
By developing of this line the main attention was paid not only to the loudness, but also to make possible the components will stand long extreme loadings!

Deaf Bonce car audio systems really amaze by their engineering and ability to make extremely loud sound. DB-T35NEO and DB-T40NEO - are superloud horn tweeters with powerful neodymium motor, they have perfect balance of extremely loud and high-quality sound.

DB-D50NEO and DB-D75NEO drivers - are new models for the most "deaf" people, for real car sound fans. Their outward can tell you everything!

Midrange speakers Deaf Bonce (DB-M60, DB-M80) - are releasing at 2 sizes - 17cm and 20cm, and they are the most loud from ALPHARD, using them you can raise the loudness of your doors on the unachievable level!

The heart of the midbass Deaf Bonce DB-W80 is powerful magnet system with 3" hightemperatured VC, which can stand over 250Watt during a long period of time!

The power of Deaf Bonce amplifiers will be enough for any project, beginning from the everyday loud system, or even competition level system! There are 6 monoblocks in this series and 1 powerful two-channel amplifier!

Amplifiers are completed with unique remote regulators, which indicate not only working parameters, but also such useful data as temperature of the amplifier and voltage!

Subwoofers Deaf Bonce DB-312/315/318 и DB-412/415/418 have reinforced modern frame, which was developed specifically for these models. Spaced double 10" spiders, high winding height of the VC and wide surround made possible to achieve the huge linear trend of the moving part.

Hightemperatured 6-layer VC with powerful motor and developed cooling system provide high overload capacity and long-term work at everyday system up to 2500 Watt RMS.

Junior series (Deaf Bonce DB-123/153/183) is very similar to the senior one, surround is additionally fixed by clamping ring, which provides safe fixing and prevent its damaging by installation or demounting.

32" subwoofer Deaf Bonce DB-832 is a leader of all engineering trends in this series! DB-832 - is the most huge subwoofer in the world, which is not just standing at test bench, but also shows pressure over 164 dB!


  • Deaf Bonce DB-T35NEO 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-T40NEO 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-D50NEO 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-D75NEO 

Midrange speakers:

  • Deaf Bonce DB-M80 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-M60 


  • Deaf Bonce DB-W80 


  • Deaf Bonce DB-2000.1D 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-4000.1D 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-5500.1D 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-7500.1D 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-12000.1D 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-OGO1500.2D 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-OGO2500D 


  • Deaf Bonce DB-312/315/318 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-412/415/418 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-123/153/183 
  • Deaf Bonce DB-832

Deaf Bonce