Hannibal series is the first product of ALPHARD on the Russian market. For a short period of time this line became very popular and it is impossible to build a loud car without Hannibal components.

Wide range of the audio components allows choosing necessary item for any system, though it were loud midrange speaker or powerful D-class amplifier.

Car sound systems of Hannibal series -there are two loud horn tweeters: Hannibal HLS-20 is a loud and available solution with nice outward and perfect sound, Hannibal HLG-25NEO - neodymium super tweeters, they can amaze by their loudness and fidelity!

Top midrange speakers Hannibal NM-5 and Hannibal NM-6 have almost ideal amplitude-frequency characteristics and are in demand by building the most loud systems in car audio market.

Absolute bestseller are so-called speakers of 6 series (Hannibal 6p, Hannibal 6f, Hannibal X6С,Hannibal X6L) - totality of technical features make them the only best choice in the given price category!

Multi-channel amplifiers Hannibal HLX have developed filters - HPF and LPF can work simultaneously and, thanks to the frequency cut off up to 8kHz it is possible to connect tweeters directly, without using the head unit, that reduces costs for building up the car audio sound system.

Power of the junior mono amplifier HLX-1500.1D starts with impressive 1500 Watt, and the most powerful amplifier has power up to 2000 Watt!

A wide choice of subwoofer allows choosing necessary speaker in accordance with your own music preferences!