By developing of this series we found ideal balance between the loudness and quality!

Car Audio systems of Machete series are - 3 different tweeters, MT-15NEO has silk emitter and neodymium motor, that provides amazing loudness and excellent quality! MT-30 and MT-23NEO are horn tweeters, which has super loudness parameters and provide exact music broadcasting.

Midrange speakers MM-60 can play loud from low power, being highly competitive at that time with their "elder brothers".
So, there is no need to use amplifiers, which consume much power and cost a lot.
MFC amplifiers are easy to install into the car thanks to their compact sizes and highlevel inputs for direct connection to the head unit.

The main feature of this line is combined position of all connection terminals and controls on the right side of the amplifier. That provides easy access to the amplifier's settings.

Multi channel MFC and M amplifiers have developed HPF and LPF filters, can work at the same time, and thanks to the frequency cut-off adjustment to 6kHz it is possible to connect the speakers directly, without head unit, reducing at that the costs for building up a car audio system.
By developing of this series we paid attention to the sound quality improvement, changing some components of the amplifier base.

The power of the junior Machete mono amplifier starts from 450 Watt, and the most powerful amplifier has 1500 Watt!
Subwoofers Machete M10/12/15 - are the absolute bestsellers, popular low-frequency speakers!
2,5" VC can easy stand nominal power at 350 Watt, and peak power-up to 1000 Watt!

Subwoofers Machete MS-10/12/15 - are the new models, which have high efficiency and allow using ordinary amplifier to get high sound pressure!


  • Machete MT-30 
  • Machete MT-15NEO 
  • Machete MT-23NEO 

Midrange speakers:

  • Machete MM-60 


  • Machete M10
  • Machete M12
  • Machete M15 
  • Machete MS-10
  • Machete MS-12
  • Machete MS-15 


  • Machete MFC-120.2 
  • Machete M54 
  • Machete M84 
  • Machete MFC-90.4 
  • Machete M134 
  • Machete M450D 
  • Machete M800D 
  • Machete M1500D 
  • Machete MFC-650.1D 
  • Machete MFC-900.1D 
  • Machete MFC-1300.1D