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  • Deaf Bonce DB-D75NEO

    Deaf Bonce DB-D75NEO is flagman among Deaf Bonce high-frequency drivers.DB-D75NEO can bring your sound system to outstanding SPL levels.Special horn design and high power neodymium motor made for listening at open spaces.Unreachable SPL of 112 dB and frequency response starting from 500 Hz and up to 20 000 Hz makes this driver the loudest solution for...

  • Deaf Bonce DB-D50NEO

    Loudness without any limits!Professional compression high frequency driver that is designed for use in high-end systems where the key importance is given to the absolute volume!That is why we have used the highest grade neodymium magnet which provides superstrong and uniform magnetic field.

  • Deaf Bonce DB-P128NEO

    RMS Power 200 W MAX Power 400 W Impedance 8 Ohm SPL 96 dB

  • Deaf Bonce DB-W80

    Deaf Bonce DB-W80 is our most powerful midbass speaker!It was designed to use in three component systems with our loudest midrange speakers like DB-M60NEO and DB-MX60, it`s amazing specifications like 3 inch voice coil and huge ferrite motor are giving ability to achieve highest SPL at frequencies from 50Hz to 1000Hz. DB-W80 delivers enriched bass and...

  • Deaf Bonce DB-M80

    Deaf Bonce DB-M80 - the absolute leader among 8-inch midrange speakers! Enjoy the bright and incredibly loud sound at full volume! A wide frequency response 100-10 000 Hz is the main feature of these speakers. The high sensitivity of 97dB ensures an excellent efficiency of your audio system. nominal power - 120W

  • Deaf Bonce DB-MX80

    For those who wants to upgrade their system or who did not yet choose the components! Ready to present you new midrange speakers - Deaf Bonce DB-MX80 - an updated and improved version of the legendary M80! More loudness, more durability, more sound quality!

  • Deaf Bonce DB-M60NEO

    Extremely loud speakers that can raise the level of sound to an extreme one! Incredibly powerful neodymium motor, as well as extra strong and lightweight moving system allowed to achieve excellent sound quality and sensitivity at the mid-frequencies range. Small mounting depth ensures excellent usability and ease of installation in most types of vehicles....

  • Deaf Bonce DB-MX60

    The sensational addition to the Deaf Bonce series!Deaf Bonce MX-60 - is the loudest speakers in 6.5” size among the speakers built on a ferrite motor!This high-performance mid-range speaker that reproduces smooth and clear sound throughout the entire frequency range at maximum volume!Incredibly lightweight and durable moving system provides maximum...

  • Deaf Bonce DB-T40NEO

    Deaf Bonce DB-T40NEO is flagman among Deaf Bonce high-frequency speakers.DB-T40NEO high-frequency speakers are crafted for perfection in pursuit of the ultimate listening experience for SPL enthusiasts.Based on the revolutionary neo-magnet architecture, DB-T40 brings you incredible SPL levels and sound quality.Full custom design, makes your car look...

  • Deaf Bonce DB-T35NEO

    DB-T35NEO-popular Deaf Bonce loudness! Top neodymium tweeters of Alphard highest line. This is the best solution for professional installations. Spring terminals provide quick and easy installation, and rubber covers, which are part of the set, prevent unwanted contact with the car body. this garantees additional protection from short circuit Nominal...

  • Hannibal NM6-4/8

    Hannibal NM6 – flawlessly clear and vivid sound of the medium range frequencies! It is pearl among loud car audio equipment and real hit of the professional installations! Unique powerful neodymium magnet system and incredibly lightweight moving system with carbon components provides the highest sensitivity and loudness! Frequency range 200-10000Hz...

  • Hannibal HLG-25NEO

    Impedance 4/8 Ohm RMS Power 40 W MAX Power 80 W SPL 106 dB Frequency Response 2000-20000 Hz

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