• Machete M12D1/D2 and M15D1/D2 Sport

    Machete SPORT

    Hot news!!!
    The most awaited innovation of Alphard - Machete SPORT!

    Here one can find the first pictures of our new subwoofer!
    Renewed, more powerful magnet system.
    High overload capacity.
    RMS 750W
    Available impedance: 1+1 Ohm and 2 + 2 Ohm

  • Deaf Bonce DB-MX60 and DB-MX80

    Deaf Bonce DB-MX60 and DB-MX80

    New season -new products!
    For those who wants to upgrade their system or who did not yet choose the components!

    Ready to present you two new midrange speakers (16 and 20 cm):
    Deaf Bonce DB-MX60 - the loudest speaker among ferrite ones! (of the same type and size)
    Deaf Bonce DB-MX80 - an updated and improved version of the legendary M80!

    More loudness, more durability, more sound quality!

  • Deaf Bonce DB-200.4D and Deaf Bonce DB-180.4

    Deaf Bonce DB-200.4D and Deaf Bonce DB-180.4

    Long-awaited sequel of the legendary Deaf Bonce amplifiers - powerful 4-channel amplifiers DB-180.4 (AB-class) and DB-200.4D (D-class), were specially developed for using in extreme SPL systems.

    The best choice for all uncredibly loud fronts.

  • Machete MC-6.2A

    Machete MC-6.2A

    The new two-speaker Machete MC-6.2A high quality and amazing precision of playing any musical material! The speakers can be used as a substitute for standard speakers and connect to an external amplifier for a more brilliant and powerful sound!

  • Deaf Bonce DB-123/153/183

    Deaf Bonce DB-123/153/183
    New subwoofers of Deaf Bonce series

    - Powerful magnet system
    - Spaced top spiders
    - 3" VC
    - High overload capacity
    - Huge linear trend
    - Nominal power 1200 Watt
    - Max power 2600 Watt

  • Machete MS-10/12/15

    Machete MS-10/12/15
    New subwoofers of Machete series!

    Speakers have not only perfect features, but also nice outward with modern design!
    Subwoofers are relesed by VC 2+2 Ohm и 4+4 Ohm
    Max power - 500 Watt

  • Damping material from Alphard

    Damping material from Alphard

    Best MLF index among the competitors
    An ideal solution for car audio
    Superior adhesive composition
    It doesn't destroy and losses its charachteristics with the time
    It is resistant to temperature changes

  • Machete MFC - New Line Of Amplifiers

    Machete MFC - New Line Of Amplifiers

    The main feature of this line is combined position of all connection terminals and controls on the right side of the amplifier.