• Alphard 4.0

    Damping material Alphard 4.0 Elastic damping material for the areas with high level of vibration: the car floor, the luggage compartment floor, the arches. Because of its large mass it provides the additional insulation effect.

  • Alphard 3.0

    Damping material systems with High efficiency Alphard 3.0 Used to achieve the good sound of the car audio. Processing areas: audio preparation of the doors, car floor, luggage compartment floor, and archs.

  • Alphard 2.0

    Damping material Alphard 2.0 Universal elastic damping absorbing material.Suitable for treatment of any area. Low weight allows using the material even on plastic lining. It may be used for the doors, roof, floor, and trunk.

  • Alphard 1.5

    Highly elastic damping material Alphard 1.5 Easy to installon the surface with complicated areas and does not need heating during installation.Has a sealing and anti-corrosion properties. It is applicable for any surface (plastic, metal) and usually used if there is no need to load the element.

  • Alphard DOUBLE RIGID

    Super trd material, ki temelji na bitumnu z zunanjo prevleko iz aluminijaste folije. Zasnovan posebej za "dB Drag Racing" tekmovalce, v skladu s pravili zveze. Med konkurenco je edinstven. Daje maksimalni učinek izboljšanja trdnosti karoserije. Debelina materiala: 4 mm

  • Alphard RIGID

    Damping material Alphard RIGID Super hard material based on bitumen with the aluminum foil surface coating. Designed specifically for «dB Drag Racing» competitors, according to the rules of the association. It is unique among the competitors. Provides the maximum effect of body rigidity improvement.The material thickness: 2 mm

  • Alphard B017 4 Ga

    Braided wire sleeve Color: black/green, 4GA

  • Alphard B017 0 Ga

    Braided wire sleeve Color: black/green, 0GA

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