Deaf Bonce DB-2000.1D

Power without compromise!
Amazing specifications of bridgeable single-channel amplifiers allow increasing the power to extreme values!
Monoblock from 2000 Watts can easily do all the tasks, be it loud everyday project or SPL competition audio system, aimed at getting record results!

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Data sheet

Frequency Response15-270 Hz
Number of the channels1
1 Ohm RMS Power (15 V)2700 W
1 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V)2200 W
2 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V)1430 W
4 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V)830 W
Minimum permissible load on the channel1 Ohm
Minimum permissible load in a bridge connection2 Ohm
Input SPL6-0.2 V
Low Pass Filter35-250 Hz
Subsonic Filter10-50 Hz
Bass Boost0-9 dB
Input Terminal0 Ga
Output Terminal8 Ga
Fuse Rating200 A
Working Voltage9-15 V
Phase Regulation0-180°
Signal/Sound95 dB
Dimensions (L x W x H)400x254x64.5 mm

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