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  • Deaf Bonce DB-D75NEO
    295,90 USD
    295,90 USD
    Deaf Bonce DB-D75NEO
    Super loud solution from Alphard! Powerful professional high frequency driver! DB-D75NEO - a dreadful weapon in the pursuit of absolute loudness, such a pair of speakers can replace more than five tweeters! The playback range begins at...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-D50NEO
    169,90 USD
    169,90 USD
    Deaf Bonce DB-D50NEO
    Powerful professional high-frequency driver, which is aimed to make your car louder than others! Titanium diaphragm and aluminum voice coil allows reproducing the highest frequencies! Due to heavy-duty neodymium motor, it was managed to...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-W80
    119,90 USD
    119,90 USD
    Deaf Bonce DB-W80
    Designed exclusively for fans of loud sound. The frequency response of 50 - 1000 Hz, means that the direct use of the speakers are intended to be used in three-component systems only. This midbass with amazing specifications can be used...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-M80
    129,90 USD
    129,90 USD / pair
    Deaf Bonce DB-M80
    Deaf Bonce DB-M80 - the absolute leader among 8-inch midrange speakers! Enjoy the bright and incredibly loud sound at full volume! A wide frequency response 100-10 000 Hz is the main feature of these speakers. The high sensitivity of...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-MX80
    159,90 USD
    159,90 USD / pair
    Deaf Bonce DB-MX80
    For those who wants to upgrade their system or who did not yet choose the components!Ready to present you new midrange speakers - Deaf Bonce DB-MX80 - an updated and improved version of the legendary M80!More loudness, more durability,...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-M60NEO
    199,90 USD
    199,90 USD / pair
    Deaf Bonce DB-M60NEO
    Extremely loud speakers that can raise the level of sound to an extreme one! Incredibly powerful neodymium motor, as well as extra strong and lightweight moving system allowed to achieve excellent sound quality and sensitivity at the...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-MX60
    89,90 USD
    89,90 USD / pair
    Deaf Bonce DB-MX60
    For those who wants to upgrade their system or who did not yet choose the components!Ready to present you new midrange speakers - Deaf Bonce DB-MX60 - the loudest speaker among ferrite ones! (of the same type and size)More loudness, more...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-T40NEO
    149,90 USD
    149,90 USD / pair
    Deaf Bonce DB-T40NEO
    Chasing the loudness has led Alphard Company to create such high-frequency speakers as Deaf Bonce DB-T40NEO! All fans of extreme sound will enjoy the sound of this horn super-tweeter. Due to heavy-duty neodymium magnet motor we managed...
  • Deaf Bonce DB-T35NEO
    125,90 USD
    125,90 USD / pair
    Deaf Bonce DB-T35NEO
    DB-T35NEO-popular Deaf Bonce loudness! Top neodymium tweeters of Alphard highest line. This is the best solution for professional installations. Spring terminals provide quick and easy installation, and rubber covers, which are part of...
  • Hannibal HLG-25NEO
    69,90 USD
    69,90 USD / pair
    Hannibal HLG-25NEO
    Impedance 4/8 Ohm RMS Power 40 W MAX Power 80 W SPL 106 dB Frequency Response 2000-20000 Hz
  • Machete MW-80
    We always listen to our customer's opinion, as a result we present to your attention our new speakers! Machete MW-80 - this is what everybody have been waiting for. 8 inch midbass, that can be used in 2-component and 3-component systems.
  • Hannibal CS-H2W
    99,90 USD
    99,90 USD / pair
    Hannibal CS-H2W
    Crystal clear sound at any volume!This two-component speaker system provides ease of installation and has attractive outward.The high-frequency tweeter has a 38mm silk dome, which provides a wide smooth and frequency responce!Advanced...
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